Outstanding Black Women of Yalobusha County

Stories of unsung black women who made or are making a difference in Yalobusha County, Mississippi

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Aside from my grandmother, Jane Ophelia Williams Pritchard  (Dec 20, 1871 – Sept 15, 1969) in the white bonnet, the names of the remaining women standing on the courthouse steps in Water Valley, Mississippi in the late 1800’s, are unknown.  They are also holding similar bags in their hands.  Contact us if you can identify any of them or have additional information.

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These articles also appear in The North Mississippi Herald at yalnews.com.

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Dottie Chapman Reed is a native of Water Valley, Mississippi. She graduated from Davidson High School and the University of Mississippi. She launched this project to compile and share information about black women in Yalobusha County who made an impact on the African American community. Her column appeared bi-monthly in the North Mississippi Herald . The next phase of the project , in conjunction with the University of Mississippi, is underway featuring black families of Yalobusha. The first article is listed under the Family History tab and features the Love Family. Updates and occasional articles may appear here and in the Herald.